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William Bee's Wonderful World of Things That Go!

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Complete set of William Bee's amazing vehicle books, now in one volume

William Bee takes us on a grand tour of the world of amazing trucks, trains, boats, planes, tractors, and more! William loves his transport and he has lots of vehicles. There's his tanker truck, which carries all the fuel he needs for his vehicles--in fact, it holds enough fuel for 650 cars! There's his harrier jump jet, which can take off vertically, the steam locomotive, the mini submarine, his speedboat, and even his space rocket.

He has a teeny tiny tractor for picking fruit, the widest tractor in the world that can cover acre after acre, as well as tractors for pulling plows or for pushing smelly loads of manure! And that's just the beginning of his collection. Vroom Vroom! Peep Peep! We have blast off!