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Candy Cane Party Crackers

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Candy canes are such a wonderful bright icon for the holidays. They make an excellent cracker shape too, and will look amazing on your party table as well as great fun to pull! The shining ECO gold glitter detail and gold metallic yarn give them a really luxurious look.  

The crackers are crafted from high quality card with a striped print They are decorated with gold glitter detail and gold metallic yarn bows at each end. Each cracker contains a red or pink paper party hat, a joke and a gift. The gifts include tiger erasers, gold and silver star brooches, mint and coral paper clips or a metal puzzle. Made using Plant-based glitter (>95% cellulose). Suitable for ages 8+. Pack of 6. Product dimensions: 1.25 x 10.25 x 1.25 inches