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Memory Super Powers: Guide to Remembering

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An Adventurous Guide to Remembering What You Don't Want to Forget.

Nelson Dellis, a four-time USA Memory Champion, reveals the secrets to his phenomenal ability to remember almost anything.

From presidents to state capitals, from math equations to the periodic table, kids have so much to remember for school - luckily, readers have Dellis's incredibly helpful guide!  The book is structured as an entertaining and fantastical narrative in which the author guides the reader as they attempt to defeat the Memory Thief, a villain plotting to steal everyone's memories. To accomplish that mission, readers must climb Mt. Foreverest.  On the journey up the mountain, readers will encounter pirates, elves, and mummies, all while flexing their memory muscles.

Perfect for helping with school studies in any discipline and for amazing your friends and family, Memory SuperPowers! is one book you won't forget!